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Why Leh Ladakh isn’t good for you!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

This post is written by Mr. Gaurav Punjabi, founder of Cozymoons from his own experience in Ladakh a few years ago.

Rarely do I come back from a vacation afraid to share my experiences. A short, one week journey to India’s northernmost frontier was one such.

Leh – perched at an altitude of over 11,000 feet is a Himalayan episode you’re going to forget with great difficulty.

Afraid to share my experience, why? Read on.

The locals will haunt you forever with their niceness.

Coming from a fast-paced metropolitan like Mumbai, where time is money and people lack time – it was a surreal experience meeting strangers who have time to spare, sharing their perspectives on issues and life in Ladakh.

The locals – Ladakhis as they’re called, are humans who I didn’t imagine would be this hospitable & friendly. Leading incredibly simple lives and yet being ever-so content might sound like something of yesteryear.

Interacting with beings who lack prejudice and bigotry in a land of many hardships, both economically and politically, and are yet incredibly gracious will leave you thinking – what are we really chasing?

The landscapes will scar your mind with unforgettable sights.

Flying over the Himalayas as you arrive into Leh is enough for one to understand what a majestic land this truly is.

Snow-capped mountains, winding roads, deserts in the middle of nowhere and sheer breathtaking landscapes – just a few things you’ll witness during your captivating adventure.

Whether it’s your journey from Leh to Nubra Valley passing the World’s Highest Motorable Road – Khardung La at almost 18,000 feet or a voyage to the World’s Highest Saltwater Lake – Pangong Tso at over 14,000 feet, you can be sure to witness sights that require #NoFilter thanks to their mesmerizing grandeur.

We travel the world to see beautiful destinations and only come home to realize the sort of wonders our very own country possesses.

You’ll leave some part of your heart behind.

The people you meet, food you eat, sights you see and experiences you live are going to make it increasingly difficult for you to board that flight back home.

You’ll find unmitigated  beauty and real tranquility in what happens to be one of our country’s most politically affected areas.

Before hardcore commercialization sets in and before any unprecedented political turmoil changes the situation of this region – I urge you to experience what Ladakh really has to offer.

Do so at your own risk as you’ll truly leave some part of your heart behind and it’ll never really be the same again.

Stay tuned for more posts on Leh Ladakh!


Gaurav Punjabi Founder Cozymoons

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