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November - April


from EUR 3500 pp

(double occupancy)


7 nights

Skeletal Plan

  • 04 nights Rovaniemi

  • 03 nights Saariselkä

Welcome to the Capital of Lapland!

If uncovering the ultimate winter experience is your thing: you've come to the right place. Often plagued by questions like when is the best time to visit Finland? Arguably this is it. Spend your days (and nights) in Lapland with utmost magic. We begin in the capital of Lapland at the ever enchanting Rovaniemi, that truly sets the stage for an extraordinary adventure. Spend your time at one of the gems in the city centre, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, where the bewitching Arctic ambiance invites you to unwind, savor the magic and gear up for the surreal day ahead.


Your perfect Finnish journey begins warm as you gaze at the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis dancing above, as we embark on a an intruiging Northern Lights Chase with a Professional Photographer, who will help you capture some (hopefully) epic photos of the lights. This tranquil interlude is followed by a steaming hot drink and an intimate dinner featuring authentic Finnish delicacies back at your hotel.


The next day, immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Santa Claus Village. Meet the man himself, explore his enchanting Official Post Office, and indulge in delightful shopping. Enjoy a leisurely lunch amid the village's festive charm—don’t worry, the calories don’t count at the North Pole. Later, we'll also take you on an ultra-authentic Finnish experience as you visit a local couple and learn more about their life, while also learning to make some amazing local handicrafts and sip a cup of coffee too.


One of the days in sheer exhilaration with a full-day Icebreaker adventure. Sail through the majestic, frozen waters of the Bothnia Sea aboard a colossal icebreaker ship. Marvel at the ship's formidable power as it shatters the ice. Experience the thrill of floating in survival suits in the Arctic Sea and walking on the frozen sea ice. The journey includes an immersive captivating film about icebreakers worldwide.


No trip to Lapland would be complete without seeing the Huskies. Given our commitment to zero-tolerance on animal cruelty, we'll take you to one of the best ethical husky kennels where you'll meet these gentle creatures from fairy-tales, delight with not just the sleigh ride, but also learn more about how they live and engage up-close with these majestic animals. The lead musher will spin yarns about wrangling these spirited pups, ensuring your memory cards are filled with snapshots you'll cherish forever.


Cap off your day with an exquisite private dinner at one of Rovaniemi’s finest restaurants, let the exquisite flavors of Finnish cuisine etch a lasting memory on you taste palette leaving you with an irresistible yearning to return to this unreal wonderland.

Image by Joni Kuusisto


Every single experience we design at Cozymoons is handcrafted from scratch.

Speak to our passionate team of travel designers to discuss the possibilities get a 100% bespoke plan that suits your interests and preferences.

Onwards to the exotic wilderness...

Next up, the dreamy white canvas of Lapland unfurls in front of your naked eyes, teasing the magic awaiting you. Call home at your abode — the iconic Kakslauttanen Arctic Village, a snug haven nestled in the Finnish wilderness. Brace yourself for a scenic drive that'll make even your GPS sigh in contentment, as you're chauffeured to your cozy retreat, primed to dive headfirst into this enigmatic landscape.


Kickstart your escapade by cozying up to a campfire, sipping a steaming concoction while nature whispers sweet nothings and the flames regale you with crackling tales, all beneath a sky bedecked with a million twinkling stars.


Next day, fuel up with a breakfast fit for adventurers before embarking on a fun Reindeer Safari. At the Reindeer farm, learn more about these treasured animals. After a quick crash course in sled mastery, off you go, paired up for a graceful ride with warm blankets and happy memories.


As night cloaks the land, prepare for a heart-pounding Northern Lights Chase. We'll whisk you away to prime spots for Aurora Borealis gazing. With a sprinkle of luck and a pinch of clear skies, you'll be treated to another celestial dance, because let's face it—there's no such thing as too much Aurora. Let our guide share fascinating tales of Lapland's quirks and the secrets of this multi-hued cosmic spectacle, ensuring this night goes down in your travel diary as one for the ages.


Round off your adventure with a sumptuous Finnish sauna session, letting your cares melt away. Post-lunch, whether you're dining at the hotel or a local haunt, gear up for a snowmobile safari. Traverse groomed trails through stunning fells and forests, drink in the breathtaking vistas, and revel in the thrill of exploring this winter wonderland.


As dusk settles, bid adieu to the illuminated village, venture into the dark wilderness. The snow sparkles under the moon's tender gaze, turning the landscape into a realm fit for fairy tales.


As you journey back, soak in the Arctic's pristine beauty during the scenic drive, until Sariselka lures you back once more, promising another chapter of enchantment.

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