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November - April


from EUR 4000 pp

(double occupancy)


8 nights

Skeletal Plan

  • 03 nights Tromsø

  • 02 nights Rovaniemi

  • 03 nights Saariselkä

Welcome to your ‘Cozy Tale in Tromso’!

If you're seeking the pinnacle of scandic winter wonder, you're quest ends here. Immerse yourself in the Arctic's charm as you embark on an unforgettable journey starting in the mesmerizing Tromsø, a city that perfectly captures the spirit of northern adventure. Stay at the elegant Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromso, where the serene Arctic atmosphere gently spurs you to relax, soak in the enchanting surroundings, and prepare for the extraordinary experiences that await.


Start off with a visit to Polaria, the world's northernmost aquarium—because who doesn’t want to see fish with an Arctic twist? Marvel at the captivating exhibits and watch a panoramic film that makes the wilderness feel just a tad closer to civilization.


As night descends, gear up for a thrilling Northern Lights chase with seasoned guides. Escape the city lights and venture into the great, dark yonder to find the clearest skies. Warm up with hot drinks and biscuits while the Aurora Borealis teases the night sky. A campfire-style dinner under the stars? Yes, please! It's like a cosmic picnic.


After a snug night’s rest, head out for a guided tour to the mesmerizing Tromso Ice Domes. The 90-minute drive through the stunning Tamok Valley is scenic enough to make even your camera feel inadequate. Once there, delve into the frosty details of ice dome construction and discover why snow is a big deal for Arctic wildlife. Oh, and don’t miss the chance to hang out with a small herd of reindeer.


Visiting in November or December? Lucky you! You can join a whale watching tour and spot these majestic sea giants in their natural habitat. Trust us, it's a whale of a time.


In the evenings, Tromso is your oyster. Visit the iconic Arctic Cathedral or the Tromso Museum, and treat your taste buds to some local cuisine at one of the city's top-notch restaurants.


Wrap up your Norwegian adventure with a delightful breakfast and a private transfer to Tromso Airport, and gear up for the finnish fairy-tale.


Every single experience we design at Cozymoons is handcrafted from scratch.

Speak to our passionate team of travel designers to discuss the possibilities get a 100% bespoke plan that suits your interests and preferences.

Let Your Finnish Fairy Tale Begin in Lapland’s Dreamy Capital...

Glide into a journey that's straight out of a storybook – your very own Finnish Fairytale awaits! Begin your adventure in the spellbinding capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, where enchantment lurks around every corner. Nestle into the Arctic Light Hotel, a hidden gem, where the mystical ambiance of the Arctic beckons you to unwind and embrace the magic that surrounds you.


Kickstart your Finnish escapade with a thrilling Icebreaker adventure that promises a day filled with excitement. Sail through the icy waters aboard a colossal icebreaker ship, feeling its mighty power as it crushes through the frozen sea. Don your survival suit for a thrill of floating in the Arctic Sea and experiencing the surreal sensation of walking on frozen ice. And don't miss the gripping film that unravels the mysteries of icebreakers worldwide.


The following day, venture into a world aglow with the shimmer of fairy dust – Santa Claus Village. Meet the jolly old man himself, explore his whimsical Official Post Office, and indulge in some delightful shopping amidst the festive cheer. Treat yourself to a leisurely lunch amid the village's enchanting surroundings before immersing yourself in an authentic Finnish experience with a visit to a local couple. Discover the rhythms of their daily life, try your hand at crafting traditional handicrafts, and savour a cozy coffee break that warms both body and soul.


As your adventure draws to a close, prepare for a breathtaking Northern Lights Chase – where the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis dances across the night sky in a breathtaking display. With the guidance of a professional photographer, capture (fingers crossed!) awe-inspiring photos of this celestial spectacle before winding down with a steaming hot drink and an intimate dinner featuring mouthwatering Finnish delicacies back at your hotel.

But fret not, for your Finnish odyssey is far from over. Gear up for your next adventure in another Finnish gem – Sariselka awaits, promising more magic and wonder to behold.

Into the Wild: Let the Adventure Unfold…

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding wonders of Lapland with an unforgettable journey at your Finnish home away from home – Northern Lights Village Hotel, nestled amidst the breathtaking Finnish wilderness. Prepare for an adventure-filled escape, beginning with a picturesque drive to this secluded retreat, where the enchantment of the Arctic landscape awaits.


As dusk descends, gather around a crackling campfire, where steaming beverages and starlit skies set the stage for an evening of enchantment. Swap stories and laughter as you soak up the serene atmosphere.


Rise with the sun to a hearty breakfast, fueling up for an adventure that promises to delight your inner thrill-seeker. Glide through snow-draped trails with a dash of sledding, because who says adults can't have a bit of playful fun?


But the real magic unfolds as night falls. Brace yourself for a spectacle like no other with a Northern Lights Expedition. Chase the shimmering Aurora Borealis to prime viewing spots, where nature unleashes its celestial artistry. And fear not, your guide is armed not only with knowledge but with wit, ensuring this experience is as entertaining as it is awe-inspiring.


No visit to Finland is complete without a rendezvous with the adorable Huskies. With our steadfast commitment to ethical treatment, you'll be whisked away to one of the finest husky kennels, where these gentle creatures straight out of fairy tales eagerly await your arrival.  Glide through the snow on a sleigh ride, bonding with these majestic creatures straight out of a storybook. Listen to tales from the lead musher, ensuring your camera roll is brimming with memories you'll treasure forever.


Afterwards, melt away any lingering chill with a rejuvenating Finnish sauna session, followed by a dinner at the resort's cozy restaurant, where every bite is a taste of Nordic delight.


As twilight paints the sky, bid adieu to the illuminated haven and let the moonlight guide your path through Lapland's pristine wilderness. Return to your hotel, where the promise of another magical chapter awaits, because in Lapland, the adventure never truly ends.

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