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Turkish delights from this amazing real (and reel) life couple. Get in!


She's a leading internet sensation and he's a media guru now running their co-founded digital agency. We're talking about none other than the #ChashmaRanjan couple. Aanam and Geraard's story unfolded a few years ago when she was on-board as a fashion content consultant for a reputed digital agency he was then spearheading. From then on they've never looked back. Take our word, these two are the quintessential husband-wife combo that adore great food, incredible resorts and some good ol' downtime.


Aanam C & Gerard in Turkey with Cozymoons

Luck had it, we were chatting with Aanam rather generally when she let us in on her wanderlust for newer pastures. The couple had known beforehand they were keen to explore the transcontinental gem that is Turkey. After all, what's not to love about this captivating nation?


Delectable food, beautiful sights and enchanting culture make Turkey a proper bucket-list destination. A few calls, WhatsApps and emails later, we designed an adventure that promised to be nothing short of enticing.

Aanam & Geraard spent around 2 weeks discovering Turkey as they traversed marquee cities such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya. While in Istanbul, we had them set base at one of the top hotels in Turkey; Pera Palace. This old-world charm luxury hotel in the heart of Taksim made for great way to kick-off. In Cappadocia they rested their head at Rox, a lovely chic boutique property in Göreme. For Antalya, and given they're both beach bums, we set them up at the striking Akra Hotel with a room that guaranteed sweeping views of the Turkish Riviera.



"It's gotta be the local experiences, taking Turkey in, in all its glory. Discovering the local haunts, while also making the most of the scenic more 'mainstream' touristy things to do. We loved all of it!", shared the couple.

Aanam C & Gerard in Turkey | What When Wear | Cozymoons


As a full time beauty/lifestyle Influencer, Aanam's travels really hit the roof in 2019. In spite of this post-COVID era, we see no reason why that would change. We asked the couple what's next on their mind, to which they mentioned "Northern Lights, more hills, more beaches. We're greedy travellers, we wanna see it all", shared Aanam enthusiastically. 

ADVIcE FOR COUPLES planning their getaways

"Try and have a rough idea of your itinerary in advance. Don't fine tune it too much, go with the flow as and when you can as well", they shared. We tend to agree with this as it's great to have a fair idea of what's in store through good research and professional expertise. Watch the YouTube video below for a permantent fix on their experience.


Video copyright Aanam C (subscribe to her YouTube here)


how was the experience with cozymoons?

I loved how Gaurav had such a strong grasp over local areas across the cities and recommended us with activities to do in each part of the country. We've travelled with CozyMoons across various countries at this point, and always found that curating experiences and hotels are their biggest strength, so we blindly trust them with their reccos!​"

Aanam & Geraard

** FYI: Aanam & Geraard's trip was a partly-hosted collaboration with Cozymoons. All views expressed here are solely those of the couple. 

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