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With a lineage in the travel business that roots back to the early 1980s, Cozymoons is the culmination of age-old handcrafted travel expertise that blends perfectly with the modern day need for original, authentic and immersive experiences. 

We blend the human touch + technology with with perfect ease. From state-of-the-art travel technology that enables on-demand information to personal expertise that's crafted the finer almost of your lifestyle, likes, dislikes, desires & brings them to life.


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Cozymoons is a boutique travel company specialises in curating unique & bespoke luxury experiences.


Part of the Cozy Travels group, we bring a legacy of almost than 40 years of unparalleled connections, award-winning service, honest expertise & a trusted end-to-end experience that you can count on.





Often the most cliched part of any company website: we'd like to keep it real instead. We only promise what's possible, we're not the cheapest & we only work with what's in the best interest for you. 

As a brand that has unapologetically high levels customer service engraved in the patterns of our DNA, we strive to offer travellers an unbiased approach with thoughtful advisory & flawless execution.

In today's world where information is at an overload, faceless booking engines false promise the world & mass tourism has diluted the essence of authenticity: we bring clarity, peace of mind & a travel experience that will truly change the way you plan + book travel.


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