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Join us as we show you around the this incredible state with one of India's most admirable luxury lifestyle brands.

Why Experience rajasthan with SUJÁN?

Rajasthan is by far one of the most invigorating places on the planet, let alone India. There's plenty of reasons why. For a state whose name itself literally translates into Land of the Kings (Raj = King / Sthan = Land), it exudes a rich history of Royalty, Valor & Heroism. Rajasthan is famed for some truly unique experiences in India ranging from royal train journeys, epic wildlife encounters, regal palaces, the country's largest desert and even colour-coded cities. 

If you're in pursuit of a truly authentic feel of Rajasthan; allow us to showcase some of the best that can be experienced here through our close partnership with SUJÁN - one of the country's luxury lifestyle brands. What embodies a collection of three luxury tented camps and one royal palace; prepare to immerse in a life-changing journey through a connection that is pure, soulful, inimitable and positively impactful. 

Lay your head under a million stars at the SUJÁN The Serai Jaisalmer. Enjoy sundowner cocktails at SUJÁN JAWAI Camp on granite rock formations as we track the elusive Leopard. Traverse the Ranthambore National Park in search of India's national animal (The Tiger) at SUJÁN Sher Bagh. The possibilities are endless. 


Here at Cozymoons, we're happy to design some exceptional tailor-made travel experiences in close partnership with our friends at SUJÁN. That wanderlust kickin' in already? Scroll further at your own risk.

A GLIMPSE OF what's possible..

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2 nights at sujan the serai