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Lhaviyani Atoll

Number of rooms: 80

Distance: 40 min seaplane

Child friendly: Yes

From: US$900 per night

There's a reason why they call Kanuhura Maldives an 'Unfettered Paradise'. And it's quite simple. Just imagine you're on a white sand beach, with unbelievably crystal clear lagoons and a chic vibe all across. For us, that pretty much personifies unending tranquility.

Just around 40 min by seaplane from Maldives' main airport brings you to Kanuhura - one of the most charming properties in the Maldives and also a part of Leading Hotels of the World. After all, the property has tons going for it. It's your gypset-chic hideaway in the middle of the Indian Ocean where literally event minute is a renewal of all five senses.

What really bowled us over with the resort though, was its service. So as we do with most properties in the Maldives, prior to our arrival at Kanuhura, they sent us a pre-arrival information form noting our dietary and other preferences. While it's easy for resorts to send these forms across, putting them in action is a whole different ballgame.

From greeting us by our first name to remembering allergies to keeping in mind our favourite beer and cocktails. The team at Kanuhura defines what exemplary service is all about. And while you're probably wondering if this special treatment was extended to just us as one of their close partners - we hate to admit, this is what they do for every single guest.


On arrival, you'll be warmly greeted by the top management, at meals by the head chefs and you'll be kept so well - it'll be hard to leave when you finally have to. So while we can rave about the fantastic villas, outstanding food and lovely vibe, if you're someone who loves great service - just sit back, text us your dates and we'll hook you up for the experience of a lifetime at Kanuhura Maldives.


Image by The Miscellanista

Dolphin Watching Cruise in the Maldives

Possibly one of the best ways to spend your evenings in the Maldives. Grab a glass of bubbly, get aboard the boat and cross your fingers in hope to spot this wondrous mammals. Our own experience at Dolphin Watching was quite surreal. After around half hour of no luck, we were swarmed by Dolphins all around. In fact, these little folks love putting up a show. From swimming all around our boat to doing a few flips in the air, it was the most magical 30 minutes of our time there. If you're in the Maldives, you shouldn't leave without a dolphin watching experience, which makes for a whole lot of fun for the entire family.