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sumaiya & moin

She's from India. He's from the UAE. Here's their beautiful honeymoon.



While we're fortunate to create ever-lasting bonds with almost all our travellers; Sumaiya & Moin count among the standout Cozymooners of 2019. Not just because they were super fun and enthusiastic during the complete design and booking process but also they're downright hilarious and know how to have fun.

Breaking the shackles of arranged marriage stereotypes, this awesome duo redefine #CoupleGoals with their comfort, understanding and awe for each other.

Summaiya Moin Merchant Cozymoons Maldive

Sumaiya, our then bride-to-be took charge of researching their post-marital escapade and bumped into us on Instagram. One DM and several chats later, they entrusted us with the responsibility of this ever-so-important dream vacation. 

What initially kicked off as Europe and landed around Asia, finally came to a crescendo of Sri Lanka and the Maldives after days of some proper WhatsApp-group brainstorming. Since the couple was seeking an experience that would promise to be exotic and tranquil, this worked like a dream. Plus with their nuptials set for November, it turned out to be the ideal choice.

For starters, we had them escape the wedding madness with a week of downtime in Sri Lanka at the beautiful beachfront haven; Heritance Negombo before heading to the highlands. Up here they rested their head at Jetwing Lake in Dambulla. 

There's a reason why desserts' at the end, isn't it? For the Maldives, we set them up at the very luxurious Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa. Consistently rated one of the best resorts in the Maldives, they were in for an absolute treat having opted for the over water villa with a private pool. Hideaway also ranks very high for its fantastic service, spacious well-appointed villas and a double house-reef, making it an ocean lover's fantasy.



File photo. Copyright Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa.




File photo. Copyright Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa.



"It's gotta be the tranquil sunrise in the Maldives. We would just wake up every morning without fail and cycle to our spot to watch the sunrise. It's something we could do every day of our lives. Also kudos to the resort for the awesome breakfast they setup each morning", shares Moin.


With so many countries to explore, it's bewildering where your future adventures may lead. Though we caught up with the now Dubai-based couple as to what's on their list and they divulged Spain and Greece among the countries they plan to explore next up.

ADVIcE FOR COUPLES planning their honeymoon

"Make sure you remember it's your honeymoon, not a mission wherein you 'have to' wake up early every morning and see every little spot around. After the wedding, we rather enjoyed the quality, peaceful time with each other and just being in the moment. Whether it was in our hotel room balcony or the private pool of our villa in the Maldives. These are the moments that can't be forgotten. Also trust your travel curators and don't try planning the entire thing yourself. We don't think we would have gotten this stress-free honeymoon experience had we gone into DIY-mode", they shared.

moin summaiya maldives cozymoons honeymo

how was the experience with cozymoons?

​The team was highly professional, thorough, well organized, yet absolutely fun and a delight to plan our honeymoon with. They've always been available regardless of the time difference before and during our travels. Gaurav and Karishma have delivered a well planned, hassle-free and an unforgettable experience. They catered to all our needs, and provided a custom itinerary that fulfilled all our requests within the given budget. Can't wait to plan our next vacation with them. Highly recommend Cozymoons!​"

Sumaiya & Moin

Planning a getaway for later this year to the Maldives? Head on over and find more info here.

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