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It's what drives us. Inspires us. Motivates us. After all, we don't have a Plan(et) B. 

It's what drives us. Inspires us. Motivates us, here. After all, we don't have a Plan(et) B. 

Here at Cozymoons, we truly believe in the power of Travel in changing the planet - for the better. But first, we need to make a collective & conscious effort in preserving the place we call home. Sustainability is what significantly sets us apart from run-of-the-mill lifestyle/travel companies in India.

For us, Travel is a moving emotion. Designing every experience in a way that improves our travellers and also imprints positively on the communities and destinations that we explore. Travel has always played a vital role in uplifting communities by generating employment, inflow of money into economies and awareness for social and wildlife conservation projects.


For an industry that employs close to 300 million people (directly & indirectly) contributing to over $7.00 trillion to the global GDP - Travel is truly more enormously important to our lives than we could imagine.

Creating such gigantic employment thereby empowering communities, dramatically changes the landscapes of educational & social welfare.

At Cozymoons, we're committed to our goal of positively impacting communities within India and across the world through responsible travel practices. We work with a carefully selected list of reliable partners that in-turn support and contribute to social organizations and charities.


While Travel has plenty of positive effects, unfortunately, some of them could impact our planet negatively.

Due to persisting problems like Over-tourism and lack of awareness, we're facing increasingly concerning issues like carbon emissions, plastic waste, deforestation among others.

We take a conscious effort to generate awareness by guiding our travellers to make responsible choices such as direct flights over indirect, choosing eco-friendly accommodation and replacing single-use plastic with recyclable materials.


A huge number of experiences across the globe are substantiated by their interaction with animals on land, in the air and within our oceans. 

In order to protect the sanctity of these interactions, we've pledged to discourage travellers from indulging in erroneous forms of animal tourism whether it's riding Elephants, interacting with Dolphins/Lions/Cheetahs in unnatural environments or even Horse riding.

We work with closely with a preferred list of lodges across Africa and resorts in the Indian Ocean that ensure they are actively involved in conservation & sustainability projects.


Sustainability begins at home. And we live by those words. To ensure we leave no stones unturned in our quest for positive impacts through our work, here's a list of things we do to further encourage our travellers:

  • Eco-friendly Cozymooners Kit containing reusable stainless-steel & bamboo straws along with wooden toothbrushes that are sent to our travellers pre-departure. (as seen on the right)

  • A comprehensive Save Paper, Save Trees Policy where we request our travellers to accept only digital version of their trip documents such as itineraries, hotel vouchers, insurance copies etc. Further, we aim to be a paperless workspace in the coming months ahead.

  • Effective 2020, as an aftermath of #COVID19, all travellers will have the option to avail a complimentary add-on of hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves as part of their pre-departure travel kits.

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