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Noonu Atoll

Number of rooms: 46

Distance: 40 min Seaplane

Child friendly: Yes

From: US$2000 per night

Impossibly tranquil, undeniably divine. The slow and steady murmur of the Noonu Atoll, its turquoise waters, its pop yellow sun, its white sandy beaches, its vibrant activities. Discover home, where the sea meets the sky. Cheval Blanc Randelhi Maldives is truly an exceptional resort and shines as the pinnacle of the luxury in the emerald isles.


The ocean at doorsteps, gardens at fingertips. Paradise found, alarm clocks lost. Eternity is spent in an atoll of fluffy white pillows. What lies above, what lies beneath. The Indian Ocean is an exhilarating playground for the senses. Become a wanderer, explorer, chef, sommelier. Cheval Blanc's signature Alchemists are dreamweavers for the desires in the explorer's soul. 


Picnic on a private sandbank, 12-course gastronomic cuisine, a starry-night barbecue here, a nigiri-shaped live there. Every bite is a journey for the senses. An island entirely dedicated to spa rituals and well-being. Sparkling waters of the infinity pool, dancing shadows of rustling palms, fiery glow of the sunset. Meet the ultimate expression of wellness and drift away in the world of Guerlain.


If you're seeking the ultimate way to kickoff a new chapter in your life or perhaps just re-kindle bonds with your closest once in a world of new normals, Cheval Blanc Randelhi is truly a Cozymoons favourite as one of the best luxury resorts in the world, let alone the Maldives.



Night Fluouresence in the Maldives

For those who seek adventure, this evening experience unveils the secret nightlives of marine life beneath the sea. After a brief boat ride away from the Maison, a guided snorkelling trip led by one of our dedicated guides explores the colours of the underwater world. Equipped with a special blue LED filtered light and yellow filtered mask, the fluorescence of the night springs to life before your eyes. See marine life magically illuminated, darting back and forth, at only fingertips away. After this inspiring immersion, learn about the phenomenon of Bio Fluorescence from our snorkel guide, one of nature’s true jewels and enchanting occurrences, to take home a new appreciation for the marvels of nature.