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5 Epic Road Trips in India You Need To Take Post Lockdown

There's nothing quite like a road trip if you ask us. It's the ultimate awakening of all five senses. You set off to see an extravaganza of incredible landscapes, hear its sounds, smell rapidly transforming terrains, taste gastronomic delights en-route and all of this while you're in firm touch with your vehicle gliding through this beautiful sensory journey.

Not merely a road trip, here at Cozymoons we call it Mindful Travel. It's when you're present, aware and fully in the moment. One of the reasons we feel FOMO will be replaced by SLOMO in the new post-COVID world of travel.

So while we're all dreaming of getting back to adventure again, here's our top 5 road trips in India (random order) you could explore after the Lockdown:

1. Ahmedabad to Kutch

The route from the largest city in Gujarat to the Land of the White Desert is around 400 km. If done seamlessly, the journey takes around 7 hours and promises some of the most intriguing sights along some very well paved tarmac.

En-route, culinary and cultural wonders await. If you're planning to visit around the festive period (Rann Utsav), be sure to plan well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Best time to hit the road: October - March

2. Darjeeling to Pelling

If you haven't explored the North-East yet, we'll forgive you. Massively under-rated, it's easily one of the most gorgeous parts of #IncredibleIndia. If you're out on the East coast seeking newer terrains or just in wander of tranquility, the road trip from Darjeeling to Pelling is outrageously scenic.

Picture this; lush tea garden landscapes, fresh moist air and comfortable roads. This route has a couple of note-worthy food stops. Imagine washing it down with perhaps the best tea in the country? Dalgona doesn't come close, seriously.

Best time to hit the road: August - December

3. Mumbai to Goa

Here's one of the classics. Most folks living in Maharashtra have probably done this one. Maybe a few times. But there's good reason it features in the top road trips in India. The Mumbai to Goa journey has a couple of variations. The fastest route is 585 kiloms' taking around 10-11 hours on the Pune-Kolhapur highway via National Highway 4 (NH4). We're talking four lane roads plus the Western Ghats. Makes for a very scenic and comfortable drive.

The alternate route is actually shorter (550 km) but adds almost 2 hours. If you're seeking an adrenaline pumping drive with winding, narrow roads that cut through paddy fields, coconut plantations and more - this one is pure gold. This Chiplun-Ratnagiri route via NH66 also has very few tolls. Whatever you choose, you're guaranteed to be rewarded with a spectacular sundown, sipping on some freshly whipped cocktail (we love Tom Collins there!) and your toes dug deep into the Goan sands.

Best time to hit the road: October - March

4. Bangalore to Ooty

While you've figured by now that getting on the road early is key for any good road trip, none is more important than the Bangalore - Ooty drive. If you're stuck in Bangalore's infamous traffic, you could be seriously off with your schedule. This route on NH275 is apt for the 275 km drive. Around 6 hours if you go non-stop, this ones' an impeccable treat for nature addicts.

There's tons to savor as you drive past the lush and tranquil forests of Bandipur coupled with the pre-historic charm of Mysore. Overall, this scenic route guarantees endearing landscapes on either side and a host of options to satiate your food cravings.

Best time to hit the road: October - May

5. Delhi to Leh

Arguably one of the most epic road trips in the world, let alone India. The drive from the National Capital to the Land of Nirvana isn't one for the faint heart. This 1,000 km+ escapade requires several stops, commands unfiltered concentration and demands skilled driving given the multitude of challenging terrains. What we can tell you though, if you love to drive, you're in for a proper treat.

The beauty of this Delhi - Leh road trip is the possibility of exploring two different routes each way. While making your way to Leh, base yourself in Patnitop, Gulmarg and Kargil and on the way back exploring the incredible beauty that lies in Manali and neighboring towns.

Best time to hit the road: May - September

Until then, fasten up when you're on the wheel again and NEVER drink and drive.


Need help planning a fun road trip in India? After all, it's not just about the route. It's about knowing where to eat, stay, stop and soak in that moment.

Chat with our specialists to design one that suits your preferences.

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