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8 days, 8 reasons why you should travel to Kenya next.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020


The below post is penned by our Founder – Mr Gaurav Punjabi from his travel to Kenya in 2013! 

It was early November 2013 – just at the finale of the great migration I had the opportunity to visit. Boarding a treacherous 6:30 am flight wasn’t enough reason to deter my intrigue for this lesser known place, one that I’d only watched on the television for a good part of my childhood.

As soon as those wheels touched the tarmac at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, I had a feeling I’m in for an adventure unlike ever before.

Day / Reason 1: Acquaintance with the bustling capital city

I was headed straight to my hotel in Nairobi, the wonderful Southern Sun Mayfair. A real charming sanctuary this one. Inspired by colonial heritage and boasting of lush tropical gardens – it oozed calm and comfort in a country buzzing with energy.


Hunger struck rather quick and the Golden Spur Steak Ranch at the hotel was the choice.

The order was a no-brainer; a chilled glass of local pale ale and juicy double patty tenderloin burger at medium doneness. It’s the sort of compatibility that makes you believe that true love does exist.


 Day / Reason 2: The ultimate cocktail of wildlife & scenery

This day, we jet set off to Amboseli National Park which is about 230 km (4 hours) south-east of capital city. This stepbrother of Masai Mara, and probably the 2nd most popular National Park is prime to any Kenyan itinerary.

The enigmatic Mount Kilimanjaro, just across the border in Tanzania, provides for some real Instagram-worthy postcard views as this stunning mountain range stands tall in all of it glory showing off its snow-capped peaks. The amalgamation of that and the game viewing – makes it truly phenomenal!

Amboseli 2.jpg

After a two-hour game drive (most parks in Kenya close by 6 pm) we checked-in at the lovely Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge for the night. I’m going to let these pictures do most of the real talking for this one.


Not winning the posing game for sure.


Talk about a pool with a view!


No need for 3D or 4K High Definition here.


Tasteful rooms designed with real character. Space is a bonus.

Amboseli 6

And after a good day’s game viewing – this is probably where you’d want to unwind.

Day / Reason 3: Luxury in the mountains. It’s only Fairmont.

After breakfast next morning, we were on the road again – headed to Mount Kenya National Park . The 420 km odd drive (approx 8-9 hours) can get a bit harrowing as some roads are calling for real maintenance.