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rangoli & yash

Self-drives. Adventures. Landscapes. Here's snippets from their beautiful New Zealand honeymoon.


Rangoli & Yash's love story kicked off in a picturesque charming city in Maharashtra, India called Nasik. Being a relatively smaller city, they'd always known of each other (and crushed on a bit too, apparently!) but neither really took the initiative. Call it fate or whatever, they finally met at a common friend's house that gave spark to their budding romance.

Busy with their routine, these two still kept cancelling plans at first, but soon, endless drives and tons of dates later - the couple fell in love and decided to tie the knot in their home city.

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Soon after they began planning the wedding, Yash got in touch with us for the ever-so-important Honeymoon. His family has been booking their travel through us for years now. So it that made it a proper win-win.

To get stuff in proper tune, Rangoli & Yash actually drove down (3 hours!) to Mumbai to meet us. It's the kind of commitment that fueled our passion even more to go all out for this fun couple. These two were in pursuit of a luxe getaway that had the perfect mix of chill, party & adventure plus wanted to jet set somewhere far, for some post marriage bliss.

New Zealand was the ideal choice and one that simply doesn't go wrong if planned well. This twin island paradise is a true dream for Honeymooners with stellar driving routes, beautiful luxury accommodations, jaw-dropping scenic landscapes and truck loads of adventure. One face-to-face, several emails & countless WhatsApps later, their dream Honeymoon was a WIP! (Work In Progress).


Rangoli & Yash's 2020 kicked off in style, as they left immediately after their wedding to explore what the land of Kiwis had in store. Their journey began in Auckland and they drove the length and breath of the country, covering charming cities such as Rotorua and Christchurch among others. 

They spent a few days in the awe-inspiring Glacier Region where they opted for marquee experiences like the Heli-Hike which made for a truly incredible view. Their trip culminated in the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown. Here, Rangoli & Yash rested their heads for 4 days at the charming and luxurious St Moritz Queenstown Hotel while exploring the best of what the city had to offer through adrenaline pumping experiences combined with a good bit of enjoying the beautiful city life, food and downtime.


"The drives! It made us realize how truly beautiful the world & especially New Zealand is. Apart from the beautiful hotel stays, small coffee breaks in the middle of quaint towns with populations of hardly 100-200 folks and the sheer warmth they exuded in welcoming us was unbelievable. Wish we could just drive again & pull over for coffee with a scenic view", shared the couple.


We quizzed this well-travelled duo as to what's next after their dream NZ getaway. They let us in on the United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Sweden as some of the countries they plan to explore next up. Great choice! 


ADVIcE FOR COUPLES planning their honeymoon

"Don't cramp up the schedule with too many activities. One per day is fine with a break of a day or two in between to drive at leisure. Be flexible because you wont wake up everyday with wanting to do something, somedays you just wanna walk around the town or not do anything at all." shared Rangoli & Yash. 


how was the experience with cozymoons?

Gaurav & his team were extremely helpful with the bookings and in curating the entire trip effortlessly. We dropped in to their 'Cozy' office as the name mentions & we were good to go. The team was readily available on call/email throughout the trip. We also were given a local contact number in New Zealand if we ran into any trouble. Plus, we had a detailed itinerary that was handed over to us with all the vouchers, which served the purpose very efficiently."

Rangoli & Yash

Planning your own Honeymoon? Talk to us for expert, personalized and flexible advise. Get in touch here.

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